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What it’s like working at elian

Grupo Elian believes that human capital is the key to success and therefore encourages internal growth and works to create an environment conducive to personal and professional development.

We want to develop skills and competencies, enabling our employees to overcome challenges, construct successful careers and make their dreams come true.

Andréia Caviguioli Voltolini

Administrative Director

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    Pessoa com deficiência

    All our vacancies are also open to people with disabilities.

    Benefits and programs

    One of the gateways for professionals in Grupo Elian is Meu Amigo Vale Ouro” (my friend is worth gold) a program that encourages employees to nominate friends to be candidates in the company selection process.

    Through the Bolsa de estudos” (scholarship) program, Grupo Elian encourages and assists the education of its employees with a percentage of tuition for basic and secondary education, technical courses, undergraduate, post-graduate and language courses.

    “Recrutamento interno” (internal recruitment) is the recognition of the talents that already work in the Grupo Elian, seeking to value people and, above all, making the construction of successful careers possible.

    Employees who complete 3, 6, 9 and 12 years (every 3 years) in the company receive the “Prêmio Triênio” (triennium award), a voucher for purchases at the Elian Store.

    In partnership with SENAI of Guaramirim/SC, Grupo Elian promotes development opportunities for “Jovem Aprendiz” (young learners), with mentoring of the areas involved and possibility of completion at the end of the program.

    With the aim of making its employees aware of the importance of avoiding waste of food in the cafeterias, Grupo Elian implemented a “Campanha contra o desperdício” (campaign against waste) in June 2013. The reduction of waste has already benefited entities with food, school and community donations. We were recognized with good practice with the 2016 Prêmio Ser Humano 2016 (Human Being Award).

    Health and quality of life are extremely important, so Grupo Elian carries out a program of health-related actions such as preventive examinations, flu vaccination, the “Mamãe Elian” (Elian’s mother) program of gestational monitoring, among others.

    The “Grupo Bem-Estar” (wellness group) was created in 2016 with the objective of promoting well-being to our employees and their families through physical activities, group walks and healthy eating.

    The “Elian de Portas Abertas” (Elian with open doors) program is a time of integration with educational institutions and family members of employees, allowing them to know more about our ideology, products and processes.

    Every year, Grupo Elian honors employees who complete 10, 15 and 20 years for time with the company, at the “Elian de Coração” (Elian from the heart) awards.

    Throughout the year, we developed actions involving employees and family members. We have as a highlight the cycling tour, the tour to the Beto Carrero World and the Children’s Day party. It’s guaranteed fun for the whole family!

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